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A-Teams are a great way to use your gifts and talents to make an impact while getting to meet and serve alongside others. Choose from one of eight opportunities that best fits you! 


You can invest in the next generation of world-changers by teaching AntiochKIDS about Jesus! We plan the lessons and you have the fun. There are opportunities to work with all ages! So whether you prefer blowing bubbles or playing four-square, there’s a place for you! You must be a church member for 6 months before joining the AntiochKIDS Team.

Home Team

This team makes church seem like a big, family a good way! They help people feel at home by greeting them and pointing them in the right direction. You may enjoy this team if you like meeting new people, have extra energy in the mornings or if you’re just willing to smile and say hello! 

Media Team

You can put your creative or technological talent to good use by being on the Media Team. This team does all the important stuff involving computers, sound boards, cameras and more. If you aren’t intimidated by buttons or cords, this team is for you! 

Safety Team

The team ensures a safe and secure environment on Sunday mornings for our church and our kids. Medical personnel and those willing to be trained in safety protocols will be best utilized here. Background check and additional training required. 

Admin Team

This team makes the world go round! Members of this team serve at the church offices or work from home handling a wide variety of details and tasks. If you like paper, to-do lists and office supplies, you are our hero and this team is for you!

Hospitality Team

From making coffee to setting out contact cards, this team takes care of the little things that make church great! There are also additional hospitality opportunities outside of Sunday morning, including serving members of the body in times of crisis or need. If you love caring for people in practical ways, this team is for you! 

Mobile Team

You can carry our church-literally! This team unloads and sets up all the equipment needed for Sunday morning and then breaks it down after the service. It’s basically muscles-on-missions and a vital role within our church! Early mornings required.

Prayer + Prophetic Team

This team fuels everything we do! On Sunday mornings, they pray and seek God together before the service and record prophetic words or insights. You may enjoy this team if you’re looking for a way to walk in your prophetic or intercession gifting or if you are passionate about corporate prayer. There will be opportunities outside of Sunday morning as well! 


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