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Join the Worship TeaM


We're pumped you want to lead worship with us! 

We love worship and being a part of leading our church into an encounter with Jesus on Sundays and other services as well.  Our hope is to get you connected with our church in one or multiple services. In order for us to get to know you and your musical background, please fill out this form. Upon completing the form, please submit a video of you playing the song listed on the various instrument pages. Once you send in your video, we will meet with you in two to three weeks. 


We are looking for you to play these songs lick for lick — exactly as heard on the record. If there are two guitar parts, please play the dominant part you hear for your video. For more instrument-specific information: click the pictures below. If you don’t see your instrument below, fill out our survey and we will be in contact with you.  


Please submit your video through YouTube. Under privacy settings, select “Unlisted” and title it as “Your Name – AntiochBR Worship Audition.” Email the link to your video  You are welcome to submit videos of a live performance as well. If you are auditioning for multiple instruments or an instrument and vocals, please submit separate videos for each one. 

Response From Us

Upon receiving your audition and application, me and one other person will look at the information given.  From that point, there will be a response within two weeks.  There will be one of 4 responses:

  1. Welcome to the band! As soon as we can, let’s fit you into our Sunday schedule

  2. There are a few things we see that you can work on. Let’s try to fit you in to some other services/worship times (college services, youth services, dschool, etc)

  3. We see that it may be best for a season of some lessons or spiritually we think that it would be best to have a time of being connected to some discipleship in our church before starting. We will have a 3 month window for this, then reconvene once that time has happened, then go through auditioning live with us and determining where to go from there.

  4. After reviewing, we see that the worship team may not be the best fit for you. We would encourage you to find other areas in our church to serve!



All of these areas of music are to be willing to grow and become more excellent.  Healthy feedback is a part of our culture here at Antioch.  If there are areas that are needed to be grown in, communication will happen for your good, the good for the team and ultimately for the betterment of our church.  Thanks for being willing to go on this journey with us. 



Drums are the most powerful instrument on a stage.

At Antioch, we are power drummers. Our style is more simple than complicated and more authoritative than impressive. Pocket is key!  We play by the 80/20 rule – 80 percent of sound on drums, 20 percent of sound on cymbals. Our fills are simple and infrequent. What we play complements the other instruments in the band. We are aware of where the song is going so we can lead into each section of the song. We build simply – the bigger we get, the simpler and more open we get.

Competencies we're looking for in drummers:

  • Ability to play to a click

  • Ability to play a song lick for lick

  • Eighty percent on drums, twenty percent on cymbals

  • Simple fills

  • A powerful attack on the drums/yet not killing the drums

Play this song for audition (Pick One):

Lion and the Lamb- Leeland/Bethel
Reckless Love - Cory Asbury



Bass is the foundation that our music is built upon.

As a bass player, our job is to hold down the substance of the song. We are not flashy players. We can play fills when needed, but know how and where to place them. We match to the drummer ensuring the groove is locked in.  At Antioch, we prefer to have bass play with a pick as it gives the tone more attack, yet being able to use your fingers for other tonal necessities in songs.


  • Ability to play to a click

  • Ability to play a song lick for lick

  • Ability to rhythmically sync with a drummer

  • Ability to play with pick

  • A basic understanding of the Nashville Number System


  • Tuner

  • Aguilar Tone Hammer

  • EHX Micro Synth

Play this song for audition (Pick One):

Lion and the Lamb- Leeland/Bethel
God of Miracles- Chris McClarney

Electric Guitar


Electric guitar creates texture and familiarity in worship.

Tone is important in playing electric guitar. We use overdrive tastefully, delay in an understated way, reverb that’s not too heavy and have an overall clear and full sonic quality. We can play lead lines but can create atmosphere when we aren’t the lead. We can improvise when needed, but do so tastefully. In worship, we don’t palm mute, use distortion/fuzz or use heavy delay and reverb. We are always aware of what the keys players are playing so we complement each other rather than step on one other.


  • Ability to play to a click

  • Ability to play a song lick for lick

  • A basic understanding of the Nashville Number System

  • Ability to utilize overdrive, delay and reverb to create a full sound


  • Tuner

  • Volume

  • Overdrive

  • Delay (timeline, DD20, Timefactor)

  • Reverb (RV5, Blue Sky, Big Sky)

  • Compressor

Play this song for audition (Pick One):

Lion and the Lamb- Leeland/Bethel
Reckless Love- Cory Asbury



Keys create atmosphere and make transitions happen throughout a set and service.

We are keys players; not merely pianists. We shoot for simple as opposed to cluttered or busy. We generally have a pad layered beneath what we play to create atmosphere and texture. It is our responsibility to anticipate and ensure transitions happen smoothly. Whether moving between songs or shifting from the sermon to ministry time, we are the bridge that connects the two parts. Keys are rarely the standout instrument, but we can play lead lines when the music calls for it. We are always aware of what the electric guitar is playing so we complement each other rather than step on one other.


  • Ability to play to a click

  • Ability to play a song lick for lick

  • A basic understanding of the Nashville Number System

  • A basic understanding/willingness to learn Ableton/Reason/Mainstage, etc

  • Ability to play chord inversions

  • Ability to play a simple pad

  • Make smooth transitions between songs and other service segments

Play these song for Audition (Please Play Both):

Cornerstone- Hillsong
You Came- Bethel



Strings provide depth and beauty to an existing melody.

As a strings player, simplicity is the key in worship music. We play counterpoint to the vocal melody — adding melodic lines to the space between lyrics. We play with confidence and good tone quality. Our entrances are strong and confident. Ability to play by ear is preferred, but not mandatory.


  • Ability to play counterpoint

  • Simplicity in melody choice

  • Good tone quality

  • Ability to flow musically with a band

Reckless Love - Cory Asbury



We aren’t just singers; we are worship leaders.

We don’t just lead songs, but we have the privilege of leading people!  Singing on the frontline is just as much about countenance and leadership as it is about the voice.  We are submitted to the leader of the set and help support them and admonish the church through joy, and singing for Jesus and them, not yourself.  In a given set, a singer may move in and out of singing harmony as a support worship leader and singing lead. As team players, we are always willing and capable of doing both. Whether singing lead or harmony, we are engaged with the crowd through our countenance. We rarely sing three-part harmony. When singing harmony, we blend our voices to the lead, rather than having our own style. When leading songs, we do so with confidence and passion.


  • Ability to sing lead and harmony

  • Ability to control vibrato to blend

  • Good stage presence/Joyful countenance

  • Confident leadership

Songs for Audition (pick one):

Male Vox- Reckless Love or Cornerstone
Female Vox- Forever, What a Beautiful Name