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Discipleship School

The Antioch Discipleship School is a fun, powerful and transformative program designed to facilitate spiritual growth in any willing person.


Are you ready?

For a year of transformation?

For a year of developing life-long friendships?

For a year of discovering the purpose for your life?

For a year of growing in God like never before?

Through teachings, service opportunities, outreaches and a variety of weekly activites, our aim is to see lives fully set apart for Christ and to hold in high regard all that Jesus commands.

In the past 20 years, over 1,600 students have graduated from the Antioch Discipleship Schools and are now serving God in a variety of capacities all over the world from the workplace to the nations of the earth as full-time ministers.


Topics covered:

The character and nature of God, spiritual disciplines (prayer, fasting, etc.), personal character and integrity, a lifestyle of serving, discipleship, evangelism, and many more.

Service opportunities:

Volunteer in a ministry within the church, help facilitate weekly Celebration Services, participate in local outreaches and international outreach, plan and execute church-wide events

Practical experiences:

Worship and prayer, weekly discipleship group, Lifegroup involvement, extended fast, scripture memory, Antioch’s annual missions conference




"Before doing the discipleship school, I knew God as my provider, as my refuge, and as my peace.  I didn't know He could be my closest friend or a kind and gentle Father. There were so many pieces of God's character that I was missing and I didn't even realize! God used this year to strip away what I thought I knew about Him, and laid an essential foundation of truth. It is such a joy to walk with Him now that I am beginning to understand who He actually is and who I am in relationship to Him! My life has been completely transformed."  -Jen Olano, class of 2015
"I did the discipleship school to become better equipped spiritually. The teachings, books, and accountability served as a catalyst for the transformation that inevitably comes when you pursue Christ in all areas of your life. The guidance provided this year in the school was the pathway to a deeper relationship with God. I have experienced intimacy with God that has left me changed forever; no matter what storms may come in life, I now know that He is my foundation."  -Kevin Olano, class of 2015
"The biggest gift the Discipleship School gave me was understanding the impact of personal faithfulness and discipline. I did the school two years ago, and I am still experiencing transformation in my life because of the ways I learned to walk in faithfulness and discipline." -Hope Tuttle, class of 2014
"The Discipleship School taught me how to live a life of discipline, one that is boundless and full. I was pressed with time and responsibilities, but through that I experienced the strength and presence of Jesus in my life more than ever before." -TJ Sanford, class of 2015