Our history as a church in Baton Rouge is just beginning but our lineage is long.   Our church stands on the firm shoulders of men and women of God who have surrendered their lives to the person and purposes of God.  Our story is both an old one and a new one.


Fall 1999

Antioch Community Church begins in Waco, Texas, with a vision to see a local church established that would also become a center for training and sending workers all around the world to fulfill the Great Commission. Many years, churches and miracles later, the Antioch International Movement of Churches would form. 


Spring 2010

Through the leadership at Antioch Waco, where they had been serving as lay pastors, God initiates with Jake and Abigail Griffin about planting a church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


Fall 2010

The Griffins take their first trip to Baton Rouge, fall in love with the city and feel a strong sense they should not delay in coming. They believed there was a move of God waiting to happen in the city and they were to be a part of it!


Fall 2011

The Griffins assemble a team from among people they had discipled and invested in for many years. The team goes through a year of training together.


Summer 2012

The team arrives in Baton Rouge and begins making friends in the city, working odd-jobs and preparing for the launch of the church. 


September 2012

After a few weeks of vision rallies, Antioch Baton Rouge holds its first church service at 2775 Morning Glory—The Griffin’s House! 25 people were in attendance. Each week, the service was followed by a family-style dinner and the church began to grow. There were two Lifegroups—one for college students and one for young adults.


January 2013

The house reaches max capacity as 120 people gather for Antioch’s weekly service. The church relocates to the Radisson Hotel and moves from an evening service to a Sunday morning service. As the church grew in number, it also grew in reaching more of the city. More college Lifegroups, another young adult Lifegroup, a family Lifegroup and a youth Lifegroup were added.


August 2013

Antioch launches its Discipleship School to equip people to grow in intimacy with Jesus and live missional lives. From this first graduating class would come Antioch’s first church planter.  


October 2013

After months of hotel hopping and continuing to see God move in people’s lives, Antioch finds a temporary home at The Dunham School, allowing plenty of room for growth. The church continues to grow in all spheres, especially families which provided added maturity, stability and wisdom.


September 2014

Antioch celebrates its second anniversary with jambalaya and baptisms. God had grown not only a church, but also a family. 423 people were in attendance that day! 

The second year of training schools begins with a day school, a night school and church-planting school! 


August 2015

Antioch sends out its first overseas missionary to Cameroon, Africa. 


September 2015

Antioch celebrates its third anniversary and begins a formal membership process as they continue to look to the future and dream with God for what He could do through the church. Big faith prayers are prayed for the church to continue to reach the city, to see people saved daily, for church planters to be raised up and for God to provide a permanent building. 


The best is yet to come.