Summer 2015 Trip Recap: Discipleship School in Bangalore, India

Our Discipleship School students spend their year devoting themselves to studying and memorizing scripture, investing in community, serving in our church, and learning how to become disciples of Jesus. At the end of the year, the culmination of their time in the school is a trip overseas to partner with an Antioch team to reach people for Jesus. 

This year, the students and staff traveled to Bangalore, India. The colorful clothing, crowded streets, spicy foods, and foreign smells of India provided the students with a bit of culture shock. As a church we value opportunities like this because it allows us to see the vast array of needs around the world as well as to participate in what God is doing in the nations. Getting the students out of their normal lives and comforts in the states was a challenging and maturing experience for each one of them. 

The team spent their days praying for the city, serving with the long term team, and sharing the Gospel on the streets for hours each day. Throughout their time, the students saw God move in incredible ways, even seeing God do things they had never experienced before. One afternoon, three women on the team went to a park in the city and met a group of four young women who were having lunch. As they initiated conversation, one of the Indian women said she knew Jesus but the others did not. As one of the team members shared the Gospel, the four Indian women were mesmerized by the story. They were very interested, but had to go back to work and so they didn't accept Jesus right then. As the group moved on in the park, 6 to 7 Indian soldiers came up and started asking about the "Jesus story" they were telling because they had overheard. The soldiers asked what language they were speaking and the women replied that they were speaking English. The soldiers insisted that they at least knew some Hindi. The women were confused and asked why the soldiers thought this. They were astonished when the men replied that they heard them speaking English but the Indian women were speaking Hindi! Both groups had miraculously understood each other as they talked about the story of Jesus. Our team was so encouraged that the power of God had translated their words so that they could share with these women.

Overall, the students and staff got to see God move mightily and prayed for many people to be healed as well as saw close to 100 salvations during their time in Bangalore. They returned to the U.S. full of faith and encouraged by how they got to participate in advancing the Kingdom overseas.