Summer 2015 Trip Recap: College Ministry & UnBound in Cape Town, South Africa

This summer our College Ministry sent two teams of students and leaders to Cape Town, South Africa. Antioch Cape Town has been a church for 2 years and is seeing a move of God in their nation! It was a joy for our students to get to be part of what God is doing in South Africa.

The team's days consisted of going to malls, shopping centers, and the University of Cape Town to talk to and pray for people as well as to share the Gospel. The teams saw over 150 people come to know Jesus! Below is a powerful testimony from one of the students during the trip:

“During our outreach at Kenilworth Mall, I felt like God lead me into a certain store to share with a woman I saw from outside. After praying with her, I turned and walked down a different aisle and another young woman flagged me down. I turned around in surprise, and when she confirmed that she was yelling for me, her face filled with joy. She began to tell me that although she was normally shy and not very outgoing, when she saw me walk by she really wanted to talk to me and be my friend but didn’t know exactly why. It didn’t take long for her to eagerly pour out her entire story, full of vulnerability. The young woman shared that during high school she had a son out of wedlock and because of this, her family had abandoned her, forcing her to move away and cutting off all communication. She told me that she was now living in Cape Town alone, trying to make enough money to support her son. After years of shame and hurt she had lost all hope of having a true purpose in life. I shared the gospel with her and got to tell her how Jesus loves broken people just as they are. After listening to God’s heart for her she was so empowered and full of new found peace from Jesus. She then prayed the prayer of salvation and gave her life to Jesus! As her eyes filled with tears and her face broke into a huge smile, we celebrated her new life in Jesus, free from shame and guilt! The next day I had the honor to baptize her in Muienzberg beach as she made it known to the public that she has been made new, cleaned with the blood of Jesus!”

On the second Cape Town trip, our local director of UnBound, Bridget Savoie, along with the Assistant National Director of UnBound, Natalie Garnett, got to accompany the college team. They joined the trip in order to raise awareness about human trafficking as well as to help Antioch Cape Town lay the foundation for starting their own UnBound chapter. While there, the women were able to do various trainings including educating at risk youth about trafficking and gathering translators to volunteer at the A21 victim hotline. After one of the trainings a young man commented: “I always saw prostitutes and just thought they were prostitutes. Now I see that many of them could be victims.” Seeing this type of perspective change is a huge part of preventing trafficking.

Bridget and Natalie also equipped our college team to hand out anti-human trafficking flyers to businesses throughout the city. The students gave away more than 70 flyers and were able to see many business owners, taxi drivers, and store employees jump on board with the fight against human trafficking. They also passed out 400 flyers to students on campus. They are excited to see UnBound have a Cape Town chapter within the next year to continue the work of fighting human trafficking.

We are so proud of the way our college students chose to give up time during their summer vacation to see the Kingdom of God advanced in Cape Town. The long term team spoke highly of our team, saying that they were amazed and encouraged by our student’s passion and wholeheartedness in sharing the Gospel! We are so proud of them!

Stay tuned for more information about our Summer 2016 Outreach Trips, we’d love for you to be a part!

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