Church Update: Letter from Jake

This morning at church, we had some family time as Jake Griffin, our Lead Pastor, shared about an upcoming season for him and his family. If you were not able to be at church, we wanted you to be able to read the following letter from Jake, which reflects what was shared this morning.

I love this church and the vision. It has been our privilege to help build this church for the past four years. At this point, under the advisement of the elders and Board of Advisors, there are some deficient areas in my life that need to be addressed through counseling, prayer, and further training in order for us to effectively fulfill our calling.

Starting this week, I will be taking a six month sabbatical. This is something the elders believe is the best thing for the church, and for me. This will be a time for me to own my brokenness and to embrace some limitations that I have as a pastor. To be clear, there is no moral failure or integrity issues, and our marriage is doing great, but there have been some specific things that I have continually struggled with. 

I have struggled with insecurity that has been the root of defensive responses to feedback that have kept me from growing. I have also overstated things out of emotion, which has caused hurt and confusion for some of you.

About a month ago I gave a sermon where I took the Hebrews 5 topic of spiritual milk and meat out of context to make a point to address the consumerism trend in the American church, and I should not have done that. In that message, my tone while I was preaching had anger in it, which was not full of grace and love, and I repent for that. We serve a God who is full of unconditional love and grace, and this church deserves to experience that from the pulpit.

In addition to these things I mentioned, I’m running on empty, and leaders who lead on empty don’t lead well.

This is a season of full surrender for me, and I trust God & believe in spiritual authority. Since this is the consensus of those who I am submitted to, my response is yes & amen to this decision and their leadership. I’m thankful to be covered by people who care about our next ten plus years of ministry, as compared to the next 6 months.

During the next six months, Donny Martin will be the Interim Lead Pastor. I have full confidence in him, the elders, and the staff to lead this church in this season.

The beautiful thing about the church is that it's built upon Jesus, not a person.

Honestly, this is hard, but we are full of hope and expectancy for this next season and we ask for your prayers as we enter into this sabbatical.

Our church staff and elders feel confident that this sabbatical is the result of God's leadership and is the right thing both for Jake and our church as a whole. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any of the elders, pastors or staff. 

Additionally, we are taking donations to bless the Griffin family during this season as they travel to seek out refreshment, counseling, and training over the next six months. If you would like to give, you can do so here

Jillian Armstrong