Unbound Father Daughter Dance

This weekend, UnBound hosted its first annual Father Daughter Dance. UnBound is Antioch’s anti-trafficking initiative whose mission is to mobilize the church to fight human trafficking. Our desire is to bring awareness to this issue in our community, be a resource for women and girls, and to find ways to bring an end to trafficking at large.

As part of UnBound’s prevention efforts each week, our team of volunteers spends time with girls who are in at risk situations. Many of these girls do not know how valuable they are.  Because of this, these girls find their worth in the way they've been neglected, making them more vulnerable to the tactics of traffickers. 


In light of this, we know how vital it is for a girl to see how valuable and special she is in the eyes of her dad. Giving dads the opportunity to show their daughters this very thing was our heart for this event. It was both beautiful and powerful to see each girl, whether young or old, walk into the room with her dad! There was no shortage of smiles or sweet moments throughout the whole evening.

As you can probably see from these photos, the whole evening was special: from the girls arriving and receiving a rose, to enjoying dinner together and dancing, each of the girls got to have valuable one on one time with their dads.


One of my favorite parts of the night was the makeover contest. We gave the daughters the length of one song to give their dads a complete makeover. The dads were absolute champs about having their faces caked in makeup and the girls thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity!

Overall, the evening was not only powerful, it was supernatural because the love of God was revealed through these dads. Watching them act like fools on the dance floor to make their daughters smile, sitting together while enjoying dinner, and just having a good time, I saw God's love reflected in the eyes and actions of the dads present.

Not only did these dads invest in their daughters, they also invested into the freedom of many who are still victims of human trafficking. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, all proceeds from the evening went straight to UnBound to continue our efforts of fighting human trafficking.

I am so thankful for all of the people who volunteered to make this happen and to the dads who invested their time into making the evening so special! I can't wait until next year!