Health of the House

Each spring, we take time to pause and reflect on what God has done, is doing, and how He wants us to move forward as a church. Overall, the word that God put on the hearts of our staff in the fall still ring true for what we believe God is calling us to in this season: to strengthen church health. This means that we are more focused on moving forward in the right way rather than on moving forward quickly, in other words: direction is more important than speed. We feel called to focus on a few things well as a church, so that our foundation can hold all that God has in store for us. 

One of the illustrations Donny used on Sunday as he addressed this topic, is that our church is a battleship not a cruise ship. Like a battleship, we believe that we are called to function with a clear vision and mission, a purpose moving forward. Those of us onboard aren't evaluating things based on our personal preferences, but instead are concerned with our assignments, making sure we are ready and equipped to serve and fulfill the things we are called to. We want to partner with God to see every member of our church equipped in the way that God is calling us to minister to people in our daily lives. As we seek to become equipped to fulfill what God has called us to, it's important to remember that we are a people of the presence of God. He calls us out to live together, revealing to the whole world who God is and what He is about. The presence of Jesus among us calls us out as a spiritual family to execute God's plan. As we each do our part, we will be able to walk in the fullness that Christ has for us. 

You may remember participating in a church-wide survey in the fall that was aimed at helping us see our strengths and weaknesses as a church so that we can move forward in the purposes of God in a healthy way. We learned from the survey that 80% of people who consider Antioch to be their home church attend Lifegroup on a monthly basis! It's so encouraging to know that most of our church is walking in consistent, Biblical fellowship with each other. If you would like to get involved in a Lifegroup, you can find one that works with your schedule here

The survey also helped us see that we need to grow in clear communication with our church body. One way we are aiming to do this is through a monthly church newsletter which outlines what is happening in church life. If you would like to sign up to receive the newsletter, you can do so here

Additionally, our hope is to grow in the areas of generational and racial diversity. We feel strongly that Antioch is called to be a church for the whole city of Baton Rouge. Not a suburb church for the upper middle class and not an inner city church only for the poor, but a church for the whole city that is multi-generational and multi-racial! 

Overall, we are excited and hopeful as we move forward as a church. We encourage you to join us in believing God and partnering with Him to see His plans and purposes fulfilled in and through us. 



Jillian ArmstrongComment