Prayer & Fast

Join us for a three-day church-wide fast from January 15th through 17th. We will conclude our fast on Thursday, January 17th from 7PM-8:30PM by having an Encounter Night at Lighthouse Coffee (257 Lee Dr)! This night is where our church will come together to experience Jesus through extended worship and praying for one another. 

Scriptures for the fast:

Isaiah 58:6-12
Isaiah 43:16-19

This time of prayer and fasting is going to be a powerful one.  We are expectant to meet with God and know Him more! When we pray and fast, our desire is to come alongside God in what He is doing and to go back to our first love. For this fast, read through Isaiah 58:6-12 and Isaiah 43:16-19. Ask the Lord how you can co-labor with Him and these scriptures to know Him better during this time of prayer and fasting.

Prayer Points:

Day 1: Our Church

  • Pray for the power of Holy Spirit to be evident in our church.

  • Pray that our church would be given over to the ways of God, like we read in Isaiah 58. Pray that we would not just be hearers of the Word, but doers of the Word.

  • Pray that we would be extravagant worshippers of Jesus above all else.

  • Pray for us to find a permanent church building that can be a place and space for us to be a church for the whole city and the whole world.

Day 2: Our City

  • Pray for racial reconciliation in our city.

  • Pray peace and healing for those affected by homicides in Baton Rouge.

  • Pray for a spirit of unity in our city instead of offense.

  • Pray and declare “in Baton Rouge as it is in heaven!” Pray that the gospel of Jesus would be heard in our city and that the Kingdom way would be lifted up.

Day 3: the nations

  • Pray for the short-term team being sent to Colombia/Venezuela this spring and the interns being sent to the Mediterranean this summer.

  • Pray for our church planting team moving to Marseille, France.

  • Pray that the gospel and signs and wonders would go forth into these nations.

  • Pray that God would raise up those who would intercede for the nations, give financially to further the gospel, and for those that would go to the unreached of these places.