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Welcome home.

Welcome to Antioch.


We are a family on mission becoming a church for the whole city and the whole world for the glory of God.

What’s Happening at antioch



Join us on February 7th and 8th for our annual movement-wide conference: World Mandate! This conference for people hungry to worship God and change the world! We will have live worship, breakout sessions and be streaming in speakers from Antioch Waco such as Jimmy Seibert, the founder of the Antioch Movement and Michael Miller, Pastor of Upper Room Dallas. We can’t wait to worship with you!

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Connection Prayer is a ministry focused on growing in intimacy with God. We spend time asking God intentional questions and allowing Him to speak to us in order to bring deeper connection with Him. We would love to find a time for you to pray with us and grow in friendship with God!


Join a Prayer time

At Antioch, we beleive that prayer really does change the world. By simply speaking with God, we can transform cities and nations both locally and globally. Because we are convinced that nothing happens apart from prayer, but everything is possible with it, we have several prayer times that meeting consitently each week. Join a prayer time and be a part of changing the world!