This summer we sent out 30 people to Southeast Asia to share the Gospel. Here are a few of the exciting testimonies from the summer!

Testimony #1

During an encounter worship night, God healed one of our translators who had been dealing with scoliosis for many years, and she feels completely healed!

I got super close to one of the refugee mommas and she was open to Jesus but was afraid to really surrender her life because of what others would think. She tried to commit suicide and asked me to come sit at the hospital with her and I was able to pray with her and just sit and care for her, and before I left, God told me to buy her a Bible as a gift. And she accepted and has been reading it! I don’t think she’s made the decision to follow Jesus but I’m really believing she will!


Testimony #2

I was on a short trip with another intern to a different part of the island about an hour away. We got there early in the morning and started walking around. The day before, someone on our team had seen a picture of a woman wearing a white shirt who owned a food stand. We met this woman and asked her if there was anyone who needed healing. She said there were people in her village that needed healing and brought us to her village where she introduced us to a family. We found out that this family was cursed by black magic seven years ago because their neighbors were jealous of them, which resulted in the dad of the family being paralyzed from the waist down. We first felt like we needed to lead the husband through a prayer of forgiveness toward his neighbor. He fully forgave his neighbor with tears in his eyes. We then asked if we could pray for healing. He began to feel heat in his legs. He had mentioned earlier that as a result of the curse, his spine felt like it was twisted. But as we prayed, he said that it felt like it unwrapped. We asked him if he wanted to try walking, so we helped him up and he walked from his living room to another room in his house by himself. He was fully healed! Not only did we get the chance to pray for him and encourage him, but later in the summer we went back to see him and shared the gospel with him and he gave his life to Jesus! 


Testimony #3

God had spoken that a big sprint was going to come for me at some point on the trip, and it came in the form of this one day where I had three follow ups. The first one was with a guy who gave his life to Jesus at a worship night. I shared with him about the baptism of the Holy Spirit and prayed for him. AFterward he said he felt liberated (earlier that morning God spoke to me that I would set people free that day). The next guy I met with I was going to bring a bible to because he gave his life to Jesus at Abbi/Jordan’s engagement.I gave him the bible and he was excited to read. As we’re sitting there, another guy walks up who speaks perfect English and starts sharing his testimony. He then said he hadn’t followed Jesus in a while, and I felt led to do a bible study with him on the prodigal son. When asked what there was to obey, he said that he felt like God was drawing him back to him. He rededicated his life to Jesus! And he committed to discipling the guy that was sitting there with me who had just gotten saved. Then i was in a train station trying to get to my last meeting and asked for directions. This guy helped me out and also started asking me about myself. I talked with him, share the gospel and my testimony, and he got saved!


Testimony #4

As we were walking down the street sharing, this lady reached out to us to say hi. We started talking with her about her life and religion, and then were able to share the gospel with her. She started crying because she was touched and shared that she is never able to cry like this in the mosque. She decided to give her life to Jesus, and then she took her hijab off in the street! We were able to meet with her again a few times throughout the summer to read the bible together. And then at the end of the summer, she got baptized in the middle of her neighborhood so many people could see!


Testimony #5

I was walking on the beach and ended up sitting down somewhere. One of the workers on the beach came up and asked if I wanted a massage, and I told her no but I’d love to talk with her and hear her story. I spoke the little Bahasa I knew, and then couldn’t communicate anymore but then this man walked up. Him and his wife and daughter were there on vacation and actually were believers. We started talking and sharing about ourselves, and I felt like God said he had knee pain in his right knee. I asked and he did have pain, so I explained that Jesus is a healer and asked if I could pray. He got healed and then also got healed of head and neck pain. Then we asked if the wife had pain and she did have pain in her arm that she believed it was from a curse. So we broke off the curse and prayed for her and all her pain left. Then the two ladies lined up for prayer. One of the women said she had full body pain. She was fully healed. The next women was also healed. I asked the one who spoke english if she would translate and was able to share the gospel with them. Afterward, I got to pray for her and she started crying. She said she had never heard that before and it is a beautiful story but also that when I pray for her and for others, she feels an energy coming from me that makes her want to cry. I shared with her about the Holy Spirit. She wasn’t quite ready to give her life to Jesus but we prayed for her to have a dream of Jesus. I actually didn’t see her again but am believing for God to continue to reveal himself! 

There was a man who died 7 years ago and while he was dead, Jesus came to Him as a man in white. He showed him two doors. One with hatred and darkness coming from it and the other with the tree of life with peace and love coming from it. The man in white told him to choose one of the doors to walk through. As he chose the tree of life, Jesus said, “I’m not done with you yet.” As he chose this door, he rose from the dead at his funeral!!! No believers were there, no one prayed for him, Jesus brought him back to life. 7 years go by and this summer a girl from a short term trip was there walking and asking Holy Spirit who to pray for and share with. She felt Holy Spirit highlight this man sitting on the side of the road. She approaches him with a guy friend and translator. She asks him if he had ever had a dream of a man in white. He said, “yes!” And began to tell her what happened to him 7 years ago but never knew who this man was. Never heard of Jesus before. The translator asked, “what did this man’s voice sound like?” He responded, “like rushing waters.” They then showed the man what the Bible says about Jesus being the man in white with a voice that sounds like rushing waters. They were all amazed and he was interested in learning more but didn’t want to give his life to Jesus yet. So they asked if they could pray for him and he was in need of a job. They prayed and a few days later he is working at a construction sight. While at work, he was on a high ladder and fell off. He hit his head - brain started bleeding and went into a coma. He got transferred from that island to a neighboring island that had better medical care. When he got there, the prayer base was notified to go and pray for him in the hospital. 2 of us went to the hospital but weren’t allowed inside bc the guy’s friend didn’t understand why we would come to just check on him and make sure he was okay when we didn’t know him. Instead we stayed for 6 hours in the waiting room and agreed with heaven over this man’s life and body. We asked Jesus to show up again to him in his coma. A month later we find out that HE WOKE UP AND JESUS VISITED HIM AGAIN. He said this time Jesus brought him into this room and in the room was the intern, translator, and the girl that was on the short term trip. Jesus pointed to them and said, “Those are my chosen people, follow them.” He woke up from his coma baptized in the Holy Spirit and following Jesus only!!!!!!