tj sanford

young adult pastor

I spent one year at Southeastern Louisiana University before transferring to LSU to study Communications. I graduated from LSU in 2014 with a GPA that was so good that I will keep it to myself.

If you could get coffee with one person, living or dead, who would it be?
This seems to be an ever-changing answer, but for right now in my life I would love to have a long coffee meeting with Saint Augustine. I've been reading his book Confessions for about a year and half now because of it's density and my laziness. But Augustine is a brilliant thinker and theologian and I have A LOT of questions I'd love to ask him!

If you could be a king for the day, what would you change in the world?
I'd put a HUGE amount of energy into eliminating traffic and instate strict punishments for all those who cause it!

What movie or show best describes your life?
Too easy… The Office.